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Trane thermostat not working

System issues? Search these topics or contact your Trane Comfort Specialist for answers.

Trane Z-Wave Thermostat

Reset to your desired temperature. Recommended Action: Air coming through your vent will be warm. Recommended Action: Check gas valve at gas company meter, check shutoff valve at furnace and check for other shutoff valves.

trane thermostat not working

Recommended Action: Check your thermostat and heating unit to assure that they are both plugged in. Recommended Action: Make sure your thermostat is on and set to heat. If thermostat is on, reset thermostat to your desired temperature. Clean or replace filters as recommended in your use and care guide. Recommended Action: Check for signs of water below unit and cold exterior surface of indoor coil enclosure.

In the meantime, try turning your thermostat off for 1 to 3 hours to see if it will defrost. If your system is reaching its set point, is it working correctly? Have your local temperatures been extreme lately? Recommended Action: Check the following: Is your system cycling constantly?

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Is your thermostat reaching its set value? Do you have any new appliances e. Have you checked to see if your local utility company had a recent rate increase? If your system is not reaching its set point, please contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.

Recommended Action: Check the set point on your thermostat. Is it very low in summer months or very high in winter months? First, reset your thermostat. Recommended Action: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset circuit breaker.

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Your indoor unit is running but the outdoor unit is not. Your system could be turned off or your unit unplugged. Your thermostat may be off or set incorrectly. You may have a tripped circuit breaker. Your system may have frozen up due to a dirty coil.Has your thermostat gone blank? Does the screen turn on momentarily only for it to turn off again? If your thermostat is blank, the first thing you should do is check the batteries. Replace the batteries and see if your thermostat turns on.

If not, proceed to the next step. Typically, thermostats are connected to a home or business via the main electrical system.

HVAC Troubleshooting Guide | Trane

Sometimes, the thermostat or another source of electricity can cause the breaker to trip similarly to how a hair dryer can trip the breaker for example. If it the breaker has tripped, simply flip the switch back on and check if this restores the thermostat screen. Sometimes, an underlying issue with your HVAC system can cause the transformer to stop sending voltage to run the thermostat. For your air conditioning system, start by checking the safety switch, which is installed in the drain pan.

4 Reasons Your Thermostat is Blank

The safety switch works to detect problems like excess moisture or high temperatures within your system and prompts it to turn off before damages occur. If you notice that the sensor has gone off when you check the safety switch, call your local HVAC professionals for an inspection.

Worst case scenario, your thermostat is at the end of its life and simply needs to be replaced. While all thermostats are different, the average device has a life expectancy of about 10 years. Give your local HVAC professionals a call — they will advise you on whether or not your thermostat needs to be replaced. We offer high-quality air conditioning and heating repairs for Gainesville, Florida homeowners, and can diagnose what is causing your thermostat to malfunction and provide the right solution.

Call us today at to learn more or schedule your service appointment online at your convenience. Skip to content. Being an essential business, we are open and ready to serve you, however, we want to assure you that we are working to serve you safely. Your thermostat is a small but important device. So what do you do when your thermostat is blank?

How to Troubleshoot a Trane Air Conditioner Fan that Does Not Turn On

The Breaker Tripped Typically, thermostats are connected to a home or business via the main electrical system. Your Thermostat is Broken Worst case scenario, your thermostat is at the end of its life and simply needs to be replaced.

Is Your Thermostat Blank?If you want to perform Trane thermostat troubleshooting, use one of the tables from this page: they provide step-by-step fixing instructions for the most popular Trane thermostat models. Each manual enlists the most widespread technical failures, suggests possible causes and instructs on how to solve the problem. Error alert codes are also explained.

Symptom Action Heating or Cooling will not come on. Check if the circuit breaker is tripped—reset the circuit breaker.

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Check if the fuse is blown— replace the fuse. Check for air movement at the register. Check power to the heating or cooling equipment. Temperature setting is too warm or cool. Used for other system alerts: No display No alerts or messages. Used for other system alerts: Filter displayed Filter run timer reached. Used for other system alerts: Maint displayed Maintenance run timer reached. LED On.

Symptom Possible Cause Action Display does not come on. Comfort control is not being powered. Check for 24 Vac between B and Rc. Temperature settings do not change. The upper or lower temperature limits were reached. Check temperature setpoints. Check Installer Setup Numbers and ; modify as needed. The keypad is fully locked.

Check Installer Setup Number to change keypad locked options. Heating or cooling does not come on. Comfort control minimum off- time is activated. Wait up to five minutes for the system to respond. System selection is not set to Heat or Cool. Set system Selection to correct position. System type Selection is incorrect.

Check Installer Setup Number and make sure correct System type is chosen. Comfort control is calling for Heat Heat on or Cool Cool on but no heating or cooling is running.

Heating or cooling equipment is not operating. Check wiring. Check Installer Setup Number and make sure correct system type is chosen.

Verify operation of equipment in System Test mode. Comfort control does not respond when touch areas are pressed. The keypad is locked.

Symptom Possible Causes Action Thermostat displays an alert code on the screen. Alert Code is present. Check the Alert icons in the diagnostic screen. Indoor temperature display is incorrect.Trane xl Thermostat is a programmable climate control thermostat.

Its external features including colored touch screens speak volumes of the sophistication of this thermostat. Its compatibility with home Nexia intelligence system offers limitless possibilities including heating and cooling systems, smartphones, PC, and tablets.

If you have recently purchased this thermostat, then you probably confused about how to operate it. Assuming you have just purchased your thermostat, the first step is setting it up. However, you will need the following. Given the touch thermostat is interactive, screen settings play a vital role in communicating with the homeowner, notification and allowing customization of features.

Alternatively, you can automatically create schedules based on answers to a series of questions. Configure heating and cooling target temperatures for Home, Away and Sleep conditions. Next step Select your wireless network and enter your password. This is crucial since it establishes a connection with other gadgets in the home. Also, it gives you exclusive controls over your home without third parties. Like other Trane models the sensor Calibration screen is used to change the temperature calibration of the internal temperature sensor.

You will have to change the batteries around once a year or more often depending on your battery quality. Dead batteries compromise the functionality of your thermostat since it powers all the electrical signals and actions of the thermostat.

Also, they may be the reason why you are having a blank thermostat. Trane thermostats are made up of two parts of the wall wall plate and control head. The control head is usually referred to as a cover. It also contains the battery compartment. Here is how to go about it. Considering the thermostat is run using the software, updates are inevitable. You can do this either manually or automatically.

The software upgrades occur automatically and do not require user intervention especially if you have reliable internet connectivity. Alternatively, you can opt for manual Software Upgrades.

This is how to go about it. Before you embark on fixing your blank screen, ensure you use the elimination method to establish the cause. Not all blank screen problems are technical; however, by elimination, you can correctly rectify the issues.There are several possible reasons why your thermostat may have no power.

If a breaker did get tripped, reset it. If so, flip the switch on the outlet and see if the display on your thermostat is back on. This is a common problem for many homeowners. Bad batteries may also be a contributing factor when your thermostat is getting no power.

trane thermostat not working

The controls in addition to the display on most thermostats is run by batteries. On the other hand, the display and the controls on some thermostats are not powered by batteries. In fact, many thermostats are powered by the 24 volts from the transformer. This transformer is located inside your HVAC equipment. This is what is referred to power stealing technology. However, if your HVAC equipment has low voltage, it can cause the screen on your thermostat to go completely blank. If you find that you did trip a breaker, simply reset it.

However, if the breaker trips a second time, you might want to contact a professional unless you have experience in this area.

Nails, pests like mice and rats, and corrosion can all be a contributing factor. When inspecting the fuse, look for the filament running through the length of it. You can purchase new fuses at most home improvement stores for a very reasonable price. Furthermore, you need to know that this may have happened due to other circuit components. The fuses are just not made to handle that much amperage.

The fuse will literally pop out when this happens. If you want to check your fuse and other circuit components, simply inspect it or hook it up to a multimeter Testing for a blown fuse.

trane thermostat not working

Another reason your thermostat might have no power could be due to dirtiness. Things like nicotine, dirt, dust, and other filth can build up on the inside and will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to properly function.

To clean your thermostat, simply unsnap or unclip the outer cover and then use either a can of compressed air or an old rag to blow or wipe away the grime. Once you have cleaned the inside of the thermostat, you can then put the cover back on. Is your thermostat still not getting power? R terminal will use the red wire. Rc : Power for cooling Rh : Power for heating. C terminal will use the blue or black wire Common wireIt enables the continuous flow of 24 v AC from the Red wire.

G terminal will use the green wire. Y terminal will use the yellow wire. Air conditioner. W terminal will use the white wire. For example, if you want to turn the fan on, power flows from the red R wire to the green G wire. All these wires will need to be plugged into the corresponding terminals on the inside of your thermostat. Thermostats that are located in the basement of a home can be damaged by leaky ceilings and walls.The day your cooling system malfunctions is often the day you need it most.

If your air conditioner does not seem to be functioning at all, check for a tripped breaker. There are a few potential causes if air is moving through your home, but not cooling down.

Dust and debris could build up on the evaporator, making heat exchange less efficient. Use our air conditioner maintenance guide for tips on how to clean the evaporator. Check to make sure both the inside and outside units are working, and that the thermostat is set at the desired temperature.

The drain pan below your interior air conditioning unit collects condensation, and an electric pump usually moves the water to a nearby drainage pipe. If the pan is overflowing, check for a kink or block in the drainage line, and make sure that the pump is plugged in and working. If your air conditioner seems to be running constantly, your thermostat could be set too high. Reset your thermostat, then adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. If the unit is still running continuously, contact a Trane Comfort Specialist.

Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting The day your cooling system malfunctions is often the day you need it most. No cold air There are a few potential causes if air is moving through your home, but not cooling down. Drain pan overflowing The drain pan below your interior air conditioning unit collects condensation, and an electric pump usually moves the water to a nearby drainage pipe. System running constantly If your air conditioner seems to be running constantly, your thermostat could be set too high.The following information is for educational purposes only.

Tampering with your system may void your warranty. The air handler might not be working because of a blown fuse or open circuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the burned-out fuse. You should also check return grills for blockages that could keep air from circulating freely in the system. Your thermostat could be set too high.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Reset your thermostat by turning it on and off, then adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. The drain pan below your interior AC unit collects condensation.

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An electric pump is supposed to move this condensation to a nearby drainage pipe. The pump might have come unplugged or there may be kinks or blocks in the drainage line. Find a Local Dealer. Call to speak with a dealer. Contact a local dealer Troubleshooting User Manuals. Check out these common troubles and possible solutions.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting. Select Maintenance Topic. I understand these calls may be generated using automated technology and my consent does not imply or require that a purchase be made. Still have questions? Change Service Location. Update Zip Code. Please enter a valid zip code. See all dealers. See More.

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