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Gcash tricks 2019

The Philippines' premier guide on gadgets, lifestyle, news, opinions, public service, reviews, sports, technology, and transportation. The pawnshop chain claims to have 1, branches nationwide. Ng hulog po ako ng pera sa gcash kaso ref. Lang po yung lumabas ma claim ko po ba yun sa lbc or sa cabana.

S my problema dw pg cacash in. Kabulaanan lang naman po pala yang cebuana na yan di naman nagccash out.

gcash tricks 2019

Gusto lang nila puro papasok ang pera sa kakanila. Tanong lng po magcacash in po sana ako knina sa CL hindi dw po cla tumatanggap ng mga first timer ng gcash. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Buy me a coffee. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. TurfSite Manila The Philippines' premier guide on gadgets, lifestyle, news, opinions, public service, reviews, sports, technology, and transportation. Like this: Like Loading March 25, at July 26, at JessA says:. August 14, at Marilou Catalan says:. March 7, at Mjoy Sandalo Abad says:.

February 18, at Mary Grace Macalla Hubilla says:. November 3, at May 10, at Suzette says:. May 30, at And with so little time in out hands, we sometimes miss out living our life because we are so busy fulfilling our responsibilities at work and at home. GCredit and GScore give all GCash users the tool to keep up with the grueling demands of daily life right in the palm of your hands. With GCredit, you can do a lot of things that can help you save not just time but also money.

Here are just five of them:. Paying bills can be tedious and time-consuming.

gcash tricks 2019

It can be especially frustrating if you know you could be elsewhere doing more productive things. GCredit lets you avoid long queues by giving the option to pay your bills anytime, anywhere. Just choose GCredit as a payment option when paying for your bills through the GCash app. Not enough cash on your hands?

gcash tricks 2019

No need to leave the line and run to the nearest ATM. GCredit also allows you to have extra funds for extra expenses outside your budget.

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This means that if you borrowed P1, for 5 days, you will only pay P8. Simply pay early to get lower interest. Getting a loan is made easier and less of a hassle if you have GCash. Simply get your account verified, keep using the Gcash app to increase your GScore, and get access to GCredit.

Tech News. Cashless payments Not enough cash on your hands? Boost your budget GCredit also allows you to have extra funds for extra expenses outside your budget. Apply for a loan Getting a loan is made easier and less of a hassle if you have GCash. For more technology news and gadget reviews, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Huawei P30, P30 Pro price, pre-order details announced.

You may also like. August 17, Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. A mobile wallet app that lets you instantly pay bills, buy load, send money, shop, and more — all in the safety of your own home!

Enjoy fast and easy payments with GCash! It's a safe, secure mobile wallet that connects to your mobile number, making it available anytime, anywhere. Download GCash today so you can complete your errands without having to break quarantine! Get cashbacks, vouchers, discounts, or even treats from Jollibee, Lazada, Bonchon and more! Now with 20 million users! Reviews Review Policy. The latest version of GCash is here!

With our enhancements and routine fixes, your transactions will remain safe and smooth. Update your app now to enjoy improved user experience! View details.

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Unified Products and Services. Unlitech Solutions.

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GoSwak - Online group buying. Where great deals are shared. Get discounts for the best online deals and save more!RUST players are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to stay competitive with their next base design. While some of these base building tips and tricks may be well known, the video covers a breadth of topics such as the new un-lootable loot room, stability bunkers, reverse bunkers, airlock systems, and a number of other useful RUST tips and tricks for For number 9, we look at this.

You want to ensure you have a sleeping bag in your main base so that you can re-spawnmake sure to name it. I do a number of base building guides on my channel so feel free to check those out! As always if you did enjoy, be sure to like the video as it really helps out, and subscribe with notifications turned on to catch all of my content!

Save Like a Pro in 2019

April 16, April 11, April 16, April 9, April 9, Skip to content. Tip number one is basic one, but I keep seeing people miss it. When placing your airlocks, you want to ensure that either your internal, or external door opens to block the other door, otherwise if you die with your doors open, people can run straight like this. Its a simple, but important tip.

You can also do this with double doors like this, place it so that it opens towards the single door, blocking the way.

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For number 2, we have un-lootable loot rooms, something that many thought were patched until Twisited brought them back. Placing a half height floor blocks people from getting the height to loot the dropped loot bags.

For number 3, with any bases that have windows on the front, or honeycomb next to an airlock, you can simply add a door frame and stick 2 sheet double doors here, opening inwards and this will block the single door and increase the raid cost. Tip 4. Rather than having multiple double doors opening and blocking your path, simple fill up any spare sockets with garage doors, this way you can easily get around your base without it feeling cramped.

For number 5, is a method that I have used a lot lately in my builds. Placing a raised foundation like this allows the build socket, therefore if you place a twig floor you can place a roof on top and upgrade, creating an easily removable bunker base. This can be done in another way as I show here. Placing a twig floor and upgrading a roof on top of it blocks a doorway, preventing raiders from progressing into the base without wasting materials to blow the roof as well.

You must place them so that any raiders CANNOT see them from any angle, this makes them un-drainable and slows down or completely stops raids at times. For number 7, is honeycombing.


People tend to love the idea of 2x2s, but they actually end up being more expensive most of the time. These means that honeycomb will double up in placing, saving a wall here and there. This method can be used in a number of situations, like here we have a triangle on the inside of the way, and therefore only 1 wall and 1 foundation is needed to honeycomb both walls.

Tip 8 For number 8, is loot spacing. Many people place loot rooms next to each other, meaning any splash damage explosives can raid 2 loot rooms for the cost of 1 as you see here with the rockets.Saving is one of the most important aspects of financial planning.

Unfortunately, for many of us, saving is difficult. Set a savings goal Make your savings plan something attainable. Some good examples are the Ipon Challenge where you save a specific amount weekly, or the P50 Saving Challengewhere you automatically stash every P50 bill you get in your savings as soon as you get it. The trick is to get into the habit of doing it. But do you really have to buy that Starbucks frappe?

Cheaper alternatives to your daily expenses exist. If you need that caffeine boost, buy a 3-in-1 packet — or better yet, brew your own cup at home. You can even snack on an apple, which has more caffeine than coffee and is healthier to boot!


Maybe Friday nights out are your thing. But instead of splurging on bar door charges and fancy drinks, you could instead invite your friends over to your place and buy drinks for everyone. You can still have a good time and be more relaxed on your own turf. Win win! Be on the lookout for sales Itching to travel for vacation? Wait for airplane ticket sales to snag the best deals and skip the tour packages. You can also download a variety of financial or budgeting mobile apps which will help you list down your expenses and savings on the go.

Reviewing your expenses and savings regularly will help you determine 1 which category you need to cut down spending on and 2 how you can optimize your savings and investments to make your money work for you. Open a savings account Mixing your saving and spending money in your wallet is a recipe for disaster. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say, so set aside your savings by putting them in your own savings account. With no maintaining balance, no service fees, and 2.Buying and selling items online is arguably one of the best ways to make money online in the Philippines.

GCash is a virtual wallet offered by Globe Fintech Innovations. There are so many new online loan apps on Google Play right now. It's so hard to distinguish which are Pros and Cons of Dropshipping Dropshipping pertains to a business model allowing you to sell as well as ship products You can now save yourself the hassle of long queues and going to your bank to make deposits using GCash All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

All content cited is derived from their respective sources. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at copyright pesopad. What will happen if you did not pay your Tala loan on the due date?

Featured Stories. February 9, Read more. Pros and Cons of Online Loans February 8, Make Money. Making a blog or a niche website February 6, Load More. Make Money Online. Finance All Loans Investments Passive. GCash Review. Beware of these loan app tricks that rip you off May 26, Tala Review.

Online Loans. Beware of these loan app tricks that rip you off by PesoPad Official. May 26, Tala is one of the highest rated apps out in the market. With a whopping 4.

May 24, Tala is one of the best online loan apps out in the market right now. Like any other, it has Lazada Trending Comments Latest. GCash Review June 5, BillEase Review May 15, Tala Review May 24, Legit Ways to Earn Money Online in 2.

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GCash Review 2. Dropshipping 2.Now available for all networks. We are a BSP-licensed e-money issuer and remittance agent, so you can make sure your funds are safe with us.

Visit our Help Center to learn more about GCash and instantly find solutions to your concerns. Visit our Customer Protect page to learn more. Effective April 17,there shall be no auto-deduction of dues from your GCash wallet. However, Read More. GCash is building a cashless ecosystem. As ofGCash has 20 million users with more than 63, partner merchants across the country. Get Started. Skip the long lines in bank branches and deposit to accounts at any major local bank in real-time.

Enjoy 10x higher interest rate when you Save Money. Create a savings account with no minimum deposit and no maintaining balance, all within the GCash App.

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Shop online whenever you want. See All Services. Regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas We are a BSP-licensed e-money issuer and remittance agent, so you can make sure your funds are safe with us.

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All your frequently asked questions, answered Visit our Help Center to learn more about GCash and instantly find solutions to your concerns.

Manila Cebu Davao. Asset 25 Asset 30 Asset Outstanding City Partner - City of Makati As Featured In.

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